Thursday, July 12, 2007

Real Estate Investment

Someone else's real estate and property investment at real estate investing guide.

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Glossary of Real Estate Terms

The site is:

I found this site and it is really useful to me.

They list a large number of real estate terms. It has useful and, as far as I've seen, accurate information. However, the site takes a bit of navigating and I could quibble with some of their formatting choices.

They have a separate page for each beginning letter. Good so far. However, they use the underline (that normally indicates a link) to indicate a link you haven't yet followed. The links that you have followed no longer appear to be links.

Also the main display window is a bit busy. There is no separation between the definition and the ads. This does not appear to be an attempt to deceive since they are visually different but it does make it harder to read.

That being said, I did bookmark the site in my real estate links and I think that it is good enough to post here for others to use.