Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ted Thomas - Invitation Only, Foreclosure & Networking Event

You are invited to an Invitation Only, Networking Event, taking place in Orlando Florida, on October 5, 6, & 7, 2007. The event is being held at the Renaissance Hotel: (800)468-3571

• At the Event, Ted Thomas will be teaching you how to evaluate deals, accurately estimate repair costs, and 'manufacture' equity effectively, in deals with seemingly no equity at all.

• Chris Johnson will teach you how to get the numerous grants available to fund projects.

• Tracy Ballard, one of the nations top consumer credit repair strategists, will be teaching credit repair.

• Scott Scheel will be teaching you to capitalize on commercial real estate.

• Ben Pargamin will go over Short Sales, teaching exactly what the banks are looking for in today's market. It’s easy to get the bank to listen when you know what they want to hear.

• Adam Ginsberg will be teaching on “Internet Marketing," which is where more properties are bought and sold than any other means today.

• As you know, in the real estate business, asset protection is vital to accumulating and keeping wealth. That will be covered in detail by JJ Childers.

• Reggie Brooks will be teaching distressed properties, and unique ways to market them.

• Also at this event we will be teaching how to acquire properties through Bankruptcies for 30-50 cents on the dollar, as opposed to the 60 to 75 cents, through Foreclosures.

• At this Networking Event, you will be in position to talk with other investors like yourself. There will be foreclosure buyers from every level of experience. ‘beginners’, to ‘seasoned experts’. You never know, there may be some investors there who have made a ton of money in real estate. If you have never done a deal before, the guy next to you may want to ‘partner up’ with you. Much money has been made in the wee hours of the night, at the surrounding restaurants and lounges at the hotel.

If you are already doing Foreclosures, or are interested in getting started in the Foreclosure arena, you CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS this three day NETWORKING event.

Please don't forget to sign up with me, so I can get you all the bonus materials we're giving away at this event to ensure your success.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call me at the numbers below. Be sure and ask for David Mangham. You may also feel free to send me an email. I am looking forward to earning your business today and in the future.

Sincerely, David Mangham
Ted Thomas Inc.
David Mangham
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office: 321-449-1146 ext. 216