Monday, June 23, 2008

2 Day Short Sale Seminar

When: July 19th and 20th, 2008
Where: Woodbridge, NJ
Cost: $997

This is a 2 day seminar.

Day 1

On the First Day, David Oswald and 4 other guest speakers and members of his team will be discussing everything you need to know to get started in the business of short sales. In addition, there will be topics discussed such as how to get your buyers the money they need through financing (using hard money and other programs), negotiating your deals the RIGHT WAY, strategies to influence the BPO and all the new information needed to keep up in the world of short sales.

Also on day one of the event, Oswald will go into how to find the properties that need a short sale, how to control them with as little as five dollars out of your pocket, the financing and exit strategies needed to succeed, how to find motivated sellers and how to create a POWER short sale team.

Day 2

On Day 2, David Oswald will be hosting a class which complements the first day and will concentrate on the art of communicating with everyone in the short sale process. This class is THE MISSING LINK for most people out there who just can't get over the hump of closing a short sale deal. You see, many of the students who get into the business of becoming short sale and foreclosure investors find that one roadblock in particular continually seems to stretch them....and that roadblock is dealing with all the parties involved in any transaction. And not only dealing with them but also having them see your situation for what it is and agreeing that your solution is the right one.

That's why this is an art. An art that you MUST LEARN. How you present a situation will determine as to whether or not it happens. Do you believe that? If not, you should. Questions like, how can you tell if they are really motivated or just pulling your chain? When should I go out to the house and when should I just handle an issue over the phone? The biggest one I get is "How should I answer that question?" This might be in response to a spouse who has said that he or she needs to talk to his or her significant other before moving forward. Or how do you respond to a question that you really don't know the answer to without stopping the forward progress of a phone call or a closing? Or better yet, what if there is a question that really does not have a ‘yes' or ‘no' answer to it. How do you respond to that and still get it going FORWARD. Not at pause, not at "let me get back to you" but FORWARD.