Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Come Spend Three Days With Robert Allen!

Two and a half years ago, Robert Allen took a group of 168 individuals and trained them for three days; 90 Days later, as a group, they gained more than 10 Million Dollars!

Now, for the first time since that three-day training, Bob will take a small group of students by the hand and lead them along the path to Enlightened Wealth!

Will you be one of these students? Call 1-801-852-8700 and register today for the December 4-6 Entrepreneurial Bootcamp in Los Angeles!

And, as an act of generosity, Bob decided to GIFT this excellent three-day training to all current and former Mastery Students!

That means YOU may attend, and it won’t even count as one of your allotted bootcamps!

Robert G. Allen is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs and Millionaire Makers of the last quarter century; his unique background and teaching style inspire thousands to create their financial fortunes. Now, as a special gift, Bob will teach YOU his wealth secrets in a special Bonus Bootcamp available only to Mastery Students.

You will:
  • Learn the fastest, most natural route to prospering with integrity
  • Discover your enlightened million-dollar idea
  • Turn your unknown assets into millions
  • Gather an amazing team around you
  • Unleash the power of hundredfolding
  • Use Residual Philanthropy to pave your way to even greater wealth
So whether you are new to the Mastery Program and want to kick-start your business with the skills and secrets of a Master – or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants to learn a few nuggets to transform yourself from a Millionaire, to a Multi-Millionaire – register today! Spots are limited, so reply to this email TODAY, and ask that your name be added to the registration list.