Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Millionaire Phenomena LIVE

When: Fri 11th - Sun 13th April, 2008
Where: Sydney, Australia
Cost: Free

Rick Otton

Recently, Rick shared his latest top secret positive cash flow strategy live at his sold-out one day event and the attendees were amazed by this powerful plan where you can positively gear and at the same time add value for your buyer.

What he showed is the exact same step-by-step system he shared at his one-day event that will give you all the benefits of investing in real estate... but WITHOUT the major hurdles that stop many of you from starting.

Whether you're new to property investing, a seasoned pro or somewhere in the middle, Rick shows you how to make positive cash flow in today's market with the added benefit of helping regular Aussies get a fair go.

Here’s a tiny peek at what Rick will cover...
  • 3 pieces of paper, it's all you need to buy, sell or control property on a lease option.
  • The real world reason why vendors want buyers to complete their lease option... (this answer may surprise you but Rick has found it to be consistently true)
  • Exactly what type of property is perfect for a lease option (if you don't know this you could cost yourself thousands of dollars. But I answer it in easy to understand detail).
  • What options, lease options, sandwich options really are and how you can use them to create thousands of dollars a month positive cash flow.
  • The 6 amazing benefits when you sell on a lease option... (You'll make money a couple of
  • different ways and you'll spend hardly any of your own cash at all!)
  • How you buy an investment property for thousands of dollars below market value (this is so amazing, yet so simple, you'll probably beat yourself up for all the money you've lost over the years by NOT knowing this inside information)
  • Plus much, much more...

Andrew & Daryl Grant

This amazing couple are what we call "underground" marketers - silently making
a fortune from home without any publicity or fanfare. For this event we've been
lucky enough to coax them out in order to reveal to our audience only what it is they do.

Previously they ran a consulting business till they realised they were working 7 days a week instead of living a "life." In their first year using their incredible new business secret (which they knew nothing about until they tried it), they turned over US$250,000 from home - and have now retired from consulting completely.

So far this year they are earning on average US$844 per day passive income (can you imagine earning this EVERY day?) - mostly while they sleep. Now they spend most of their time taking it easy with their children in a new waterfront Gold Coast high-rise apartment.

Here’s a tiny peek at what Andrew & Daryl will cover...
  • Step-by-step how they make money while they sleep
  • How they GUARANTEE each project is going to be a winner before they event
  • start (and yes, before they invest any big $$)
  • How they can keep producing and increasing this income over and over - without it eating up their precious time
  • How they do this with NO staff ... WITHOUT taking any orders ... WITHOUT
  • warehousing any products ... and WITHOUT talking to any customers
  • How you can do exactly the same
  • Plus much, much more...
David Galtieri

David Galtieri has been an investor and trader for over 12 years. His strategy is medium-to-long-term investing in equities and also short-term trading in options (as a writer and taker), equities, warrants and CFDs on local and international markets.

David's presentation will cover the use of simple technical analysis to time the entry of a trade and to maximise profits by pinpointing the optimum time to exit.

David has an science and engineering background and was an instrumental part of the team that engineered and developed the highly acclaimed stock market information and charting software, The Bourse from Bourse Data.

You will learn how to set up a back tested strategy and trading plan. Learn how to set yourself up to trade like a professional by combining technique, strategy, market psychology and discipline to develop and implement your own, proven trading strategy across any financial market.

Here’s a tiny peek at what David will cover...

  • How CFD's can dramatically improve your bottom line once you know how to efficiently use them.
  • Explains all the tricks, tips and wealth building tools used for stunning CFD trading success.
  • How to maximize leveraged returns... while minimizing your risk.
  • Which fundamentals to take into account - and how to relate these back to your technical analysis?
  • How to use David's unique back-testing system to validate your trading plan.
  • Zero down on exactly which technical analysis indicators give you the best return on your time and money.
  • Plus much, much more...
Matt & Amanda Clarkson

You will hang on every word when this husband and wife team reveal their secrets for making money on eBay.

Amanda Clarkson is a successful entrepreneur who has started 7 highly profitable businesses from scratch. Her skills in direct selling, marketing, customer service and her ability to uncover niche markets on eBay, have enabled her to build an eBay business with sales that exceeded $31,400 in the first 31 days alone.

Here's What They Will Cover...
  • How to make $1,000 within 5 days using eBay.
  • Discover why eBay is the best-kept secret when it comes to replacing your income.
  • How to create $5,000 a month extra income using eBay.
  • How Matt & Amanda created a massive $50,000 per month income online within 12 months.
  • Why most people fail on eBay and how to reverse that within days.
  • Discover which products sell like hotcakes and which ones tank.
  • Plus much, much more.
Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt is a multi-million-dollar property investor, expert tax minimisation and asset protection strategist. In the last 5 years, Dymphna has been involved in over 10 million dollars of property transactions and at Millionaire Phenomena LIVE 2008, she will cover 3 powerful topics.

Here’s a tiny peek at what Dymphna covers...
  • The best areas in Australia to find cashflow positive properties with capital growth potential.
  • How to buy rate-default properties at a huge discount – some at 70% discount.
  • Why multi-unit dwellings are great cash-cows (Dymphna will show an actual example of how she achieved a $29,000 a year net-cashflow positive from a block of 5 units.)
  • How Dymphna achieves equity in properties even before she settles by putting a simple but critical sentence in the contract.
  • The exact time you should visit your accountant and start your own private military assault on your taxes.
  • How to drop the “lose money” approach to reducing your taxes. Most accountants only know one or two ways to save and that’s called negative gearing (This will actually keep you in a job for life. Mmm… Interesting).
  • How to make yourself a business and get legitimate tax reductions on your living expenses.
  • The proven “Rich People Only Formula” that makes sure that you only pay 30% tax on whatever is left (well guess what, once you discover the “do it yourself” way to slash taxes you’ll have a ball at making sure there’s none left)!
  • Never again waste another minute worrying about losing your house, bank account, investments, business, etc to an unethical lawsuit.
  • See greedy, hostile litigation attorneys stop salivating and turn pale when you explain to them your asset protection structure.
  • Barricade your assets with an impenetrable fortress where they are creditor proof, lawsuit proof and judgment proof forever.
  • The exact clever tactics that the mega rich families use to protect their empires – passing them down from generation to generation.
  • You learn Dymphna’s tailored asset protection secrets that are tested, proven legal tools. These tools are the most successful and thoroughly explained in plain English.
  • Plus much, much more...
This session and the knowledge you’ll get out of it may be the most important steps you’ll ever take in planning for you and your family’s future. I can’t express the overwhelming importance and total sleep-at-night factor you’ll feel once you discover the total property, tax secrets and asset protection plans of the rich and famous.

Andrew Baxter

Right now, there's mass confusion in the stock market. One day it is up by 60 points, the next down by 110. Most investors are shell-shocked and standing on the sidelines, bruised and battered and afraid to take any action. Despite all that, a small group of smart traders are rubbing their hands with excitement because they know what most investors don't know, and that is a volatile market brings more opportunity for profit if you know what you're doing.

Andrew Baxter fits the mold of a smart investor. He is an Associate Director with an Australian Securities Brokerage Firm and also is a Licensed Equities, Options and Futures Broker. He has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Business and Finance, gained at one of Europe's leading business schools. He also has almost 13 years professional investment market experience, six of which was obtained on the London Stock Exchange, with two of the UK's leading investment houses, covering local and international markets.

Since then, his experience in Australia has ranged from delivering accredited investment training to in excess of 4,000 private traders, teaching them how to trade the equity and derivatives markets, through to consulting on Corporate Development Management, whilst also continuing to trade his own account.

Here’s a tiny peek at what Andrew will cover...
  • A sure-fire quick way to understand how options work and how to use them in certain markets.
  • How with options you can actually limit your risk to a small amount.
  • Why you should never ever allow your bought option contract to expire worthless (a painful lesson that all traders learn).
  • Why once you’re confident on a certain direction – by using options you can significantly leverage your investment amount and achieve a higher percentage return against buying the underlying share instead.
  • How to use options to create cash flow by writing covered calls if you already own shares.
  • Profit from any type of market movement. Up, down, sideways.
  • Plus much, much more..
Sal Vannutini

Sal Vannutini is a profoundly successful renovator who’s career has given him the option of stopping work at 40 years of age. And after delivering his book, seminars and mentoring programs to over 8,000 Australian's he is widely renowned as the ‘Renovation King.’

Here’s a tiny peek at what Sal will cover...
  • How to make an extra $30,000 in the next 6 months, working part time, renovating apartments and houses (without picking up a hammer or getting your hands dirty)
  • How to increase a properties value with little or no effort on your part (without ever picking up a hammer or a paint brush. Or paying a fortune to builders and painters)
  • A real-life case-study of how Sal took a run-down unit and transformed it intoa beautiful abode and sold just 3 weeks later for a monster $23,000 profit.
  • Discover the best area's to buy property in for quick and easy profits (more properties to choose from, renovation costs are cheaper, and lots of eager tenants wanting to rent)
  • The 4 biggest myths about real estate and renovations that will send you broke (95% of people believe these myths, and they lose thousands of dollars. Don't let it be YOU!)
  • Lazy Man's Guide To Finding Great Deals: How to get people to hunt for fantastic properties with motivated sellers and do the "leg work" for you (no more driving around for hours looking at houses, or visiting countless real estate offices)
  • Plus much, much more...
Tom Hua

Tom Hua is one of the most famous guys on the internet. Want proof? Next time you’re tapping away on Google – enter the name “Tom Hua.” And you’ll find at least 400,000 web pages. Do you think you’d be making more sales if you got 400,000 web pages linking back to your web site? How did he do it? You'll discover that (and much more) at this event..

Tom is the grandfather of ebook publications with over 150 ebooks in circulation! He's a master at viral marketing and to be frank, Tom STILL makes money from projects that he stopped focusing on years ago. Amazingly, he couldn't stop the money pouring in, even if he wanted to!

Tom literally started from ground zero – emigrating from China with $300 in his back pocket and sleeping on newspapers in tiny apartments.

He’ll show you every step he took in order to become a self made millionaire through the internet. (way before any of the other speakers at this event came about). If Tom can turn things around – anyone can. And the good news is… YOU can model his exact process.

Here’s a tiny peek at what Tom will cover...
  • How to start your own profitable “make money while you sleep” internet empire.
  • The exact products that are the best ones to sell online.
  • How to make money online without your own product or web site.
  • The only 3 things you must know to make easy money online.
  • Plus much, much more.
Stephen Jennings

Stephen openly told a small group of stock market professionals 2.5 years ago to buy as much oil shares as they could get their hands on. The trading price back then was $42... What is it today? Recently, it hit $100.

A bit of a fluke, you might think?

Well, in September 2007, he told another group of clients (me included) to buy as much Aussie Dollar as they could. The trading price then was $0.82. Today, it's hovering around $0.94.If you were personally there in the room, you could potentially be sitting on a small fortune.

These are only 2 examples of many that illustrate why Stephen Jennings is building a reputation of being the professional trader's best friend.

Stephen has over 15 years hands-on experience in the futures markets and is a private trader and dedicated researcher of trading systems and strategies. Trading profits are a direct result of good research... And good research is all about know where to look, and what to look for.

Here's a small snapshot of what Stephen will cover ...
  • Discover the secret to predicting the profitability of a trade! Learn about the 3 types of "trends", what they mean, and how to use them to increase your profits!
  • The BIG mistake that 95% of people make when trading futures, that can cause them to lose thousands of dollars overnight. And how to avoid this mega-costly mistake.
  • Why trading futures and commodities is one of the lowest-risks yet highest-profit markets of them all. Plus information you must know before trading in this market.
  • The simple yet biggest difference between a 'struggling trader' and one that makes $100,000.00 a year trading part-time is ... answered during Stephen's presentation.
  • Why too many traders get the 'research' part of trading dead wrong, which leads them to losing fistfuls of cash on bad trades. Discover a highly-accurate research centre.
  • Stephen reveals the secret to minimizing your risk and maximizing your profits (Hint: It's all about the "risk/ratio" principal).
  • Plus much, much more...