Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Short Notice: Co-operative Purchase Option - Adam King

The Perfect Strategy to make Money in this Market this Market

Have you been waiting for a creative real estate investing system that shows you "once and for all" that there\'s a proven method of getting deals anywhere in the country that is simply un-fail-able? Well the wait is over!

You will be delighted to know Adam does everything different during his presentations. You will first notice that he has a lot of knowledge for what he does, but will also see that "what he does" is very different than what you have seen in the past. If you think this will be another event where you get the same old information and then get pushed to the back table to buy an expensive course, you are sadly mistaken.

Adam will go over a day you will never forget. He will be sharing in detail the Cooperative Purchase System, which has been molded by the times and the economy. There will be an incredible amount of information shared, but the most important point is the promise this system offers. It is the easiest system to get started with in the country! There are associates who have gotten their first deals in a matter of MINUTES. And the average person usually gets a property under contract within 48 hours of applying the basics of the system WITHOUT making an offer to the seller! And in many cases without even TALKING to the seller! If you cannot talk, walk or drive a car you can still apply this system. Even if you are afraid to leave your house, you can still apply this system!

And for one more very exciting bonus, Adam is allowing our members to be the first in the country to witness the much anticipated launch of the Cooperative Purchase ILOC ™ Program. This is the final compliment to the already successful systems within the Cooperative Purchase. This system will show you how to use banks and lines of credit (yours or someone else\'s) to dominate the foreclosure market. You simply will not believe all of the incredible attributes this system has to offer. For all of you who want to live the dream but have been stopped in your tracks because of, fear or of tedious and repetitive jobs and tasks taught by most national speakers, this is y! our last chance to see how a system can compliment anyone in any market. And for those of you who are reaching to go full time and creating a favorable living for your family out of creative real estate, you will see what you have been missing.

When Adam is asked about this system, he replies with; the simplest explanation of this system is the logo on the front page of the Cooperative Purchase Website. And that of course is; welcome, you have no more excuses.

Date:Saturday, August 4th, 2007
Location:Holiday Inn Southfield
26555 Telegraph Rd, Southfield,
MI 48034
Time:9am to 4pm

For more information or to register today call us at 248-762-0800 or email us at info@megaeveningevent.com