Monday, July 9, 2007

Luxury Homes Real Estate Training

Marco Kozlowski has the luxury homes market down pat.

He has all the tools and partners you need to buy and sell luxury homes.

His next seminar is on August 27 28 29 30 in Las Vegas, NV.

This bootcamp is pretty good for beginners. He lines it all out for you. One of the key features about this is that he doesn't just teach you how to find and how to sell luxury homes. He teaches you how to set up a business for buying and selling luxury homes. He even goes into employee hiring and management so you can spend more time doing what makes you money. If you are just starting out, this will show you how to set yourself up right. If you are already a real estate invester, this section will help you get out of your own way.

You might be able to pull a deal together in the first month but it usually takes longer to get all your tools set up and in place. It can also take a while to actually pull a deal together but that doesn't mean that you won't make some money on the way. One of the things that Marco focuses on is how to make little bits of money on each step. This way, even if a deal falls through, you make enough money to keep the lights on.

The good thing is that he sends you enough information to get started and get some potential deals before the bootcamp. If you have at least three weeks before the bootcamp and you have $100-$100 to spend on marketing, you can come to the bootcamp with 4-10 potential deals. At the bootcamp, he has people bring up their deal and he would call the seller and help them close the deal. This seminar isn't a bunch of "this is what worked for me 10 years ago." He gets up there with you and your potiential deal and works it right there.

Also, the course is always changing. There are things in his seminars now that weren't there when I took it and things that he's removed because they don't work any more (or don't work as well as something new).

You can contact them to get the specific details HERE.

Marco also has a weekly conference call in which he or his assistant answer questions and help you do some prep for the bootcamp.

After the bootcamp, you have access to a different set of calls in which he keeps people informed about the new stuff that he's adding to the bootcamp and answers specific questions.


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    I have resisted deleting his comment and blowing off what he said but expect more info and possibly a rebuttle here in the near future.

    That doesn't mean that the post might not get deleted in the future since some of what he says is quite strong and there might be legal issues. I will investigate those as well.

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