Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why create a Seminar List?

4 years ago, when I decided to become a real estate investor, I had some general knowlege (I'd worked for a hard money lender for 13 years) but no specific training. So I went to a lot of seminars starting in late 2003 through 2004. In order to learn what I need to get started.

I went to seminars on just about every field of real estate investing to find what was right for me. Eventually I did, geting into 4-plexes in 2004 as a wage replacement.

I still go to a few each year because the market keeps changing and what was a good investement in 2004 no longer works.

Where I have specific knowlege about a specific seminar or a specific speaker (if my knowlege is old, I can talk about the speaker's abilities and character but the seminar info will, hopefully, have changed.

My next posts will be about what kinds of seminars there are and what to expect from a seminar in general.

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