Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Paper Game

When: July 21-25th 2008
Where: Provo, Utah
Cost: $2000

NOTE: This is not, strictly, a real estate seminar. This is real estate related because it involves the creation, buying, and selling of notes based on real estate. As a real estate technique, you can create a second on a property that you own and sell it to recover some of the down payment that you spent. It also gets you cash from if you have to sell a property with a carry back.

What is it?

This seminar is the most advanced "Paper" seminar that has ever been taught. This isn't a be a "bird-dog" seminar teaching people to broker notes. This seminar teaches you how to buy, sell, trade, create, finance, refinance, and improve notes. There is not another seminar the same or even.... close. Most other seminars out there teach people just to bird dog notes. Students pay thousands and come out not hardly even knowing what a note is. This advanced seminar will teach you how to find, fund and purchase notes for your own portfolio. How to trade notes for real estate. How to improve notes. How to create notes to facilitate real estate transactions. This is paper as a career and retirement, not a low paid brokerage job as others teach.

Who is John D. Behle?

You might not have heard of John Behle. That's simple. You hear about the wild promoters spending hundreds of thousands, even millions to proclaim to the world that they are wonderful but.......
You don't always hear about those quietly making millions DOING IT. I've turned down infomercials from long before Carleton Sheets had ever heard of them. I don't want to be a part of that group and have never wanted to be a full time promoter. I enjoy the business too much to spend my life selling it and I don't like the atmosphere and antics of some of the promoters. I won't lie or stretch the truth to sell a course. I won't take someone's last dime. I won't sell my course to someone who has no capability of putting it to good use. And... the prices people charge are ridiculous.

What do you get?

First let me explain something quite important. I teach material very different than anyone else. Most note educators teach how to broker notes. They leave important information on due-diligence, funding notes and creative ways to profit out. Most actually DO NOT KNOW what I'll teach you. They grew up as little note brokers and became bigger note brokers. They believe the measure of success is how many notes you broker. I believe it is how big your bank account is.

I teach how to invest in notes. How you can be an investor and funding source RIGHT NOW. How to make just as much profit on a day to day basis as a note broker with the long term profits of a note funder. That is if a note funder truly knew how to profit. Most don't. They clip coupons and have no idea what they have in their hands. They have the goose that lays golden eggs and they are collecting the feathers. Few could ever tell you the techniques you will learn from me. In fact, you will be many steps ahead of them and can end up buying notes from them and profiting or if you find one that is open minded, you might be able to teach him about golden eggs and profit together.

You will learn over 117 different techniques to profit with notes. You will learn how to fund notes. How to buy them with none of your own cash, yet own them, collect monthly profits and long term future profits. You will learn how to achieve incredible yields through short term windfall profits. You will learn how to buy a note with an acceptable yield and push it up to an incredible yield. All with none of your own money required.
  • Five full days of instruction - and some night events.
  • No holdback. I will share what to me have been restricted techniques. Things I have never shared or with very, very few. (These are techniques no other seminar promoter knows. Actually some wouldn't even get it if I tried. I had lunch with one educator (now passed) and it went way over his head)
  • Five hundred pages of valuable materials. No fluff. My material has always been "read a line, think a page". I don't do white space, filler forms, etc.
  • 28 hours of video instruction to prepare you. This is intense material you will review over and over and over.
  • 90 days follow up with John D. Behle by phone, fax, email, text messaging, etc. Personal help with goals and deals. My personal cell phone number (my watch). A priority email that bypasses everything else. Messaging to my cell phone as well as instant messaging to my computer.
  • Free note listing and marketplace for buyers and sellers. No fees to join, no restrictions free to all students and funding sources. A link to past, present and future students.
  • Ongoing weekly newsletter with valuable insights.


  1. your article is fun to read, very inspirational and informative.

  2. I recently got a magazine in the mail about the buying and selling notes thing. Looks like a very interesting topic.

    Chelle | UpstartAgent.com